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Paragon prioritizes security, accountability and trust. Our team of experts connect a network of proven experts for the task to insurance carriers and their policyholders to control cost and accuracy of scope. Through advanced technology such as personalized video, Paragon is sure to deliver a pleasing customer experience for the policyholder.

Paragon: a model of excellence
Fire and Smoke Mitigation

Our Process

Carriers work in real time with a Mitigation Specialist (MS), an expert in the latest industry standards and claims best practices.

The MS establishes a repair plan/scope of action with the vendor when the vendor responds to the loss. The MS is your only point of contact, streamlining communication.

Vendors submit daily mitigation records for evaluation. The records are GPS-verified to authenticate the time and location data submissions.

Through the use of current technologies, live video of the loss is captured through XactAnalysis between the on-site vendor and the MS determining the plan.

A scope of loss is agreed upon with a preliminary estimate within 24 hours of commencement of services.

Estimates are audited for scope accuracy prior to being submitted to the carrier.

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