The Credibility of Paragon

For nearly a decade, we have been reviewing mitigation files and making waves in the industry, reducing costs and auditing invoices. What we found is that the current system needs improvement, and our 55 years of combined experience in restoration and property insurance industries has led us to a solution- to only work with skilled and fair contractors from the start of the claim. That solution is Paragon.

Our Mission

Improve Cost-Effectiveness
Prioritize Accountability
Streamline Communication
Uphold Current IICRC & Industry-Wide Standards

What We've Learned

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Our experience in this industry has shown us that there are opportunities to improve upon many aspects of the current program vendor system. Based on the industry challenges, we strive to:

Correct the cost-effectiveness of non-program versus program vendors.

Uphold vendors to the current IICRC or industry-wide standards.
Ensure program vendors' internal audits reflect a professional understanding of the IICRC standards, as well as the knowledge and awareness of cost-effective procedures.

Assist program vendors in determining the best plan of action, maintaining accountability on the carrier’s side. Mandate that a program vendor seeks approval from someone with experience in mitigation, minimizing wasted cost.

Improve communication to maintain control while catching excluded losses and/or during subrogation.

Replace automated metrics and records to improve accountability using real-time information.

Past programs show there was virtually no difference between program vendor and non-program vendor when looking at total indemnity.

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